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Brand: Cain by Oliva


Cain Nub by Oliva

The experts at Oliva are the ones responsible for creating the Cain Nub series of cigars. Utilizing only the best growing regions in Nicaragua, including Esteli, Condega, and Jalapa. There are two available varieties: leathery Habano and dark and oily Maduro. These little missiles are so flavorful that they can even out-smoke most Churchills on the market!

A toothy, oily, reddish-brown Habano wrapper imparts woody and nutty overtones to the thick smoke produced by the ligero filler combination.

While the Maduro-wrapped Cain cigar preserves its robust flavor, the Mexican leaf imparts a subtle sweetness that is uncommon in Maduro cigars. The characteristic flavor of the Maduro is a combination of earthy, sweet, and freshly cut hay.

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