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Brand: AVO Syncro Ritmo


AVO Syncro Ritmo

The AVO Syncro Ritmo was awarded an amazing 89-point rating in 2017!

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to taste tobaccos from seven different countries wrapped in a beautiful, well constructed cigar? The AVO Syncro Ritmo is now here!

The combination of those seven distinct tobaccos gives this cigar complex and diverse flavors throughout. In addition to longleaf tobacco from Nicaragua, Honduras, Peru, and the Dominican Republic, the mix contains a substantial quantity of Brazilian filler. Add a Mexican binder and an Ecuadorian wrapper to round out the lineup.

With the initial few draws reveal a medium to full-bodied smoke with undertones of black pepper and toasted nut. To balance the richness of the other flavors, the sweet spot contains a hint of exotic spice to enhance the dark chocolate, roasted coffee bean, and earth.

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