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Brand: Asylum 13 Ogre


Asylum 13 Ogre

In 2016 the Asylum 13 Ogre was awarded a solid 88-point rating!

Similar to the original Asylum 13, The Ogre is a Nicaraguan puro blend with undertones of spice, leather, and chocolate. The transition from the Habano wrapper to the candela wrapper is blatantly evident in terms of flavor. If you can manage the enormous size of these beasts, you're in for an adventure.

The Asylum 13 Ogre is undeniably eye-catching due to its extremely odd take on a cigar-making concept that is inherently rare. Christian Eiroa, the lunatic behind Asylum and the world-famous Camacho brand, rejected the traditional barber pole, in which most cigars combine a lighter Habano or Connecticut wrapper with a darker Maduro leaf to create a striped look. This brown and green barber pole design is created by Eiroa using a highly unusual Habano and Candela wrapper.

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