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Brand: ACID by Drew Estates


ACID Cigars by Drew Estates

Acid is one of the most unique cigars on the market today. Drew Estate's Acid brand delivers a wide range of beautiful aromatic blends that are handcrafted in Nicaragua. Drew Estate cures all of their tobaccos for months in "Aroma Rooms," rather than traditional curing barns, before hand rolling them. These chambers use over 150 different herbs, oils, spices, and botanicals to infuse the tobacco leaves with scent over time.

Acid cigars have their own distinct flavor profile and blend:

  • 1400CC — Creamy cloves and herbs with overtones of violet tea.
  • Atom Maduro — A medium-full-bodied cigar.
  • Blondie — A delicious smoke with a range of herbal, flowery, and exotic smells.
  • Blondie Maduro — A maduro-wrapped powerhouse with a slight sweetness.
  • Blondie Belicoso — A spectrum of sweet floral notes intensifies, along with a buttery spiciness.
  • Blondie Green —  A sleek and sweet green, in color, smoke with hints of tea.
  • Cold Infusion — A peppery flavor with a creamy, floral undertone.
  • C-notes — Tiny cigarillos with a wonderful flavor and a medium body.
  • Deep Dish —  A tea flavor with earthy, creamy, and lovely violet aromas.
  • Earthiness — The notes are bursting with brilliance and leave a beautiful aftertaste.
  • Extra Ordinary Larry Extraordinarily large size; sweet spice tastes.
  • Kuba Deluxe — Aromatic spices with a sweet undertone.
  • Kuba Kuba — A distinctive scent with hints of clove, herbs, tea, and lilac.
  • Kuba Kuba Maduro — Aromas of clove and lavender.
  • Liquid — A smaller Robusto size with a stronger, deeper flavor.
  • Nasty — A short, chocolatey maduro with a pyramid form.
  • One — Non-aromatic, with a Cameroon wrapper and a torpedo form.
  • Roam — The delicate, creamy cocoa traces become even more exquisite by the minute.
  • Toast — A smooth, mellow blend with undertones of tobacco and black cherry.
  • Wafe Intensely strong and tantalizingly delicious.
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